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Where the amberjack and the bluefish swim

The porpoise laughs, and laughs a seaweed grin

The Dolphin sails the open sea

He’s lilac and sea green

Emerald shades of pastel hues    of blue and gold,

The Dolphin flies,  he flies to taste the sky

Try to see him through my eyes

Try to see him sail the sky.


The fisherman, with his hook and line

Casts from his ship    into the salty brine

The Dolphin sails the open sea

He takes the bait wholeheartedly.

And now The Dolphin’s tied

With rainbow sides of blue and gold

The Dolphin flies, he tries to reach the sky

The hook and line bring home the war.

He’s not the swiftest anymore..


As sunset slips away

And gold returns to grey

Like fading twilight skies

The Dolphin slowly dies


Music & Lyrics by Len Greene
Lead vocals: Vani Greene
Background vocals: Len & Vani Greene
Guitar: Len Greene
Keyboards: Jordan Rudess
Bass: Tony Markellis
Drums: Vito Luizzi
Bansuri flute: Steve Gorn
Harmonica: Rob Paparazzi
Frame drums: Glen Velez
Percussion: Cyro Baptista

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© 2011 Finca Verde Music  ℗ 2011 Blue Morpho Productions