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Round and round and round and round goes the sound

And the indigo sky,  as the night reaches down

Bathing the dancer whose feet leave the ground


And round and round and round goes the song

And the willow conducts through the night until dawn

When the hush is just broken by a whip-poor-will song


Born in a song in a far away land

Where rivers and oceans are joined by the sand

A jester was given a princess’s hand


He built her a house in his visions at night

Built it of memories, filled it with light

They lived there for centuries…


It’s once in a great while the night flower blooms

Offering nectar to night flying grooms

Delicate lovers who hover in June….


Music & lyrics: Len Greene
Lead vocals: Len Greene
Background vocals: Len & Vani Greene
Guitar & Keyboard: Len Greene
Bass: Tony Markellis
Drums: Robert LaValle
Harmonica: Rob Paparazzi
Accordian: Deni Bonet
Harmonium: Vani Greene
Mandolin & Fiddle: Gary Oleyar

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© 2011 Finca Verde Music  ℗ 2011 Blue Morpho Productions