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First your cares get you down

Like a thorny crown

Your desires have their roots in the clay

And you should be higher

But you’re back at the wire

Then the big wheel turns

It’s a different day


When the music first started to play

It sounded so far away


All the love that we hold inside

When we get lost in our foolish pride

Just won’t be denied

Cause it’s a different day.


First the sky shows some blue

Then the sun’s peeking through

Your dream’s coming true

It’s a different day

Then the clouds start to lift

And revealed in the mist

Is a brand new twist

It’s a different day


When the music first started to play

We knew that we’d all have our day


And the love that we once held inside

Will be reborn in the returning tide

With nothing to hide

‘Cause it’s a different day…


Music by Len Greene
Lyrics by Len & Vani Greene
Lead vocals: Jesse Greene & Vani Greene
Background vocals: Jesse, Vani & Len Greene
Acoustic guitars: Len Greene
Synth and organ: Jordan Rudess
Electric guitar: Rob Reich
Bass: Tony Markellis
Drums: Vito Luizzi
Cahone: Roger Squitera

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© 2011 Finca Verde Music  ℗ 2011 Blue Morpho Productions