“Vani and Len Greene have such musical precision and unbelievable heart, that everything they do turns magical.  Their concert at the Integral Yoga Institute was a wonderful blend of chants, that all people could enjoy, with their own beautifully written and performed songs that are uplifting and calming.  I left the concert feeling so good, I wondered why we didn’t do this more often!”

Rev. Premajyothi Devi
Integral Yoga teacher, minister and hospice counselor



“The words of poets point us toward nature, yet words alone invariably fall short.  But when words are put to a haunting, mesmerizing melody, then we are able to transcend the gap that separates us from our world.  Luminosity is nothing less than a soulful, resonant, healing journey into our connectedness with nature.  The music on this CD is truly a celebration of life, one that will make you feel alive–truly alive!”

Joe Luciani, Ph.D.



The Road Less Traveled

hosted by Glenn Carella  //  Wednesday June 8th, 2011 at 7p est

Shedding some light on Luminosity…

Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12:05AM

“Everything happens when it is supposed to. I have been singularly blessed of late with people who have been sharing their beautiful and unique music with me. I have told you of John Gatti and his exquisite music (www.johngattimusic.com).

As I mentioned in my post, I was gifted John’s second CD by Len and Vani Greene. Now it is their turn, and I have received a “penultimate” release of their CD called “Luminosity”. Long story short, I first heard an early version of their work that simply reached into me like no music has done before. I experienced a flow of emotion and deep feeling that stopped me in my tracks and created a sublime joy in my heart.”

To read more, follow this link: http://www.area24radio.com/road-less-traveled/




I know you I already told you, but this is truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word.”

Best Regards,
Mike Bowman



“Excellent job. Really excellent. Not only is the music is first-rate, but the performers are all excellent, and the technical aspects of the recording are first rate too!  I have to say, I’ve received a lot of requests to listen to music, but it’s rare that I like it enough to listen to every track.  Rarer still is it that I immediately go to PayPal and buy it!”

“The vocals are fantastic. I’m happy to say that Luminosity is very much alive and breathes with the subtleties of nature, like the subject it represents. And that’s why I just had to send you my money and start carrying this around with me. Thank you so much for a wonderful album!”

Shooshie – Digital Performer expert, contributor to Unicornation blog


This album is incredible.

“I had the privilege of getting a preview listen before the album was mixed and mastered, and it completely blew me away then. What Len and Vani have done with the mixes since have elevated the music higher than I could have imagined.

Everything about this album is outstanding: great songs, great production, great performances instrumentally and vocally, great concepts. And most important, this music feels good. It’s completely original and unique and totally accessible to anyone who simply enjoys
listening to music.

I’m honored to be musical associates of Len and Vani who I have the highest regard for. Working with musicians on their level makes it worthwhile being in the music business.”
Terry Silverlight
drummer, bandleader, composer, educator



“I have never heard a more pure voice!  I am experiencing full body chills as I listen to this record.  This music is above and beyond the mainstream.  It’s just got to be heard by the world!”

Chou Chou Merrill