Riding The Wave

We are enjoying the adventure of the early stages of sharing our music.  Last week we posted our songs on BandCamp at www.luminosity.bandcamp.com.  We shared the new site with our son who immediately “liked” it, and naturally, in an instant, it went out to his 5,00o facebook friends.  We had not planned to share the site yet, but there it was, out there in the world, so we too posted to our facebook friends that Luminosity was available to be heard on our website and BandCamp.

We had a great response of folks listening and sharing amongst our “close” facebook friends.  But suddenly there was an upsurge of people playing our music.  Wow!  3,000 listens, now 4,000 listens in one day!   Later in the day, when we reached almost 5,000 listens, we discovered the reason why.  Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater had posted via Hoot Suite and Twitter about Luminosity!   Jordan played on most of the songs on the record, and shared a link for our music with his fans!

After a huge surge of interest, things have settled down a bit.  We are still in the very early stages of sharing our record and we have much to do.  The CD cover is in process, and as soon as that is finished, we will send it of to be produced.

This is an entirely self-made record.  We recorded it in a studio that we built from the ground up.  Now in the marketing stage, we are jumping into learn all that we can about the world of marketing indie music.  I think we’re in for quite a ride!!

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