Reaching out!

Len and I have been pretty absent on these pages for the last two years. You might wonder what we’ve been up to!

After giving birth to this album, we needed to take time to refocus on important aspects of our lives that had taken a back seat to our recording project. Such is the life of the artist! We have been juggling all the many parts of our life, like managing and marketing our entertainment company, building websites, teaching yoga, caring for loved ones, planting fruit trees on Finca Verde (our permaculture farm) and developing a destination event company in our beloved Costa Rica, etc., etc.  You get the point!  Unless, you are the rare artist whose original music supports their entire lifestyle, these things are in the mix and must be tended to as well!

And so – the live performance of Luminosity’s music is now finally coming into focus. Len and I put together a beautiful night of sacred music for Integral Yoga in Fairlawn, NJ. The evening was a blend of kirtan (chanting of sacred sounds or mantras) and our own original songs. It was a truly uplifting night, and we plan to do more. Please check back here or join our email list to be included in notices about upcoming Luminosity performances!

With so much love,

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