Look deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better .   

- Albert Einstein –

One of the people who I most admire is Albert Einstein.  I am so often surprised to find that a deeply spiritual quote that I have just read is attributed to him.  He had a brilliant and penetrating mind, and I believe, an awakened intuition.  Much like the process of recording and mixing our record, where deep listening is required to hear the many layers of sound, so too experiencing life on a deeper level requires looking deeply.

Nature has so much to tell us, so much to reveal.  In order to look deeply, you must slow down and be truly present to experience the many layers that Nature can open us up to.

One of the reasons that Len and I love Costa Rica so much is because we are surrounded by pristine Nature there, and we have an opportunity to suspend our busy-ness to immerse ourselves in its beauty and natural charms.

We spent three days in our jungle during one trip, and at the end of the three days, a beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly that we had observed flying by each day, actually responded to Len’s call, three times circling back in response to Len’s calling out for it to come to him.  On the third time, the butterfly gently landed on Len’s hip.  We have no doubt that Len communicated with that butterfly.  It responded because of his love for it, and because we had spent a full three days there becoming much more still and attuned to the rhythms of the surrounding jungle.

It is worthwhile to question what we are missing when keep ourselves “crazy busy” and connected to man-made images and information via TV, computers and the internet.  It’s hard to resist the prevalence and pull of that energy.  It’s all around us.  In the midst of your busy-ness, don’t forget to take time to look at the sky and remember that it is infinite.  Take time to look deeply at the beauty of a sunset or a flower or a newborn baby.  You will be enriched!!


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