Luminosity is a collection of songs written and performed by Len and Vani Greene.  These songs are love songs to the earth, inspired by the great nourishing beauty of Nature.  Spirituality and mysticism are woven into the songs as well.  These songs come from the heart and are offered to the world with the belief that the world needs joyful music celebrating the miracle of life and the spiritual path, and not just the predictable stuff being offered via the commercial market.

Len and Vani met, literally, onstage at a club in Northern New Hampshire where Vani was performing as a backup singer.  Their love affair was instant.  Their experience was truly, “love at first sight”.

Len and Vani have played in bands together for many years.  In their early years they pursued an original music career, but in the 70s it was difficult to find an audience that had the sensitivity to listen to and appreciate their nature and spiritually-oriented music. They found themselves playing more and more cover material in order to find work, so they put their original music aside and instead concentrated on their family life and worked at creating a very successful wedding band and entertainment company.

As they raised their son Jesse, in addition to performing in their party band Ariel and managing their entertainment company, Vani pursued her love of yoga and meditation and became certified to teach both.  Len focused his energy on building a beautiful recording studio and learning the craft of engineering and musical production.

Many years had passed since they had met and written much of the music, but at long last, the time seemed right to jump into recording their songs.

Their dear friend and Grammy-award-winning engineer, Les Kahn was called in to work on the project.  Les was truly able to “hear” the music and his background, great ears, and technical skills made him the perfect partner for “Luminosity.”

Les’ extensive experience with many wonderfully talented artists that he called in to perform on Luminosity, including Jordan Rudess, Steve Gorn, Glen Valez and others, was a real asset to the project.  Having Jordan play on the record was one of the biggest blessings of all.  He is beyond amazing.  He and Len had an immediate rapport and our sessions with him were some of the highlights of all our years of playing and recording.

This page is not finished.  I will be adding a slide show  – with photos of Pan (our first band), our wedding, early family photos with Jesse, band photos through the years, Len, Vani and Jesse today